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A list of some fequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have any additional questions!

Q What does this software do that the little tuner my Pipe Major uses to tune drones with doesn't do?
  • The Pitch Pipe Bagpipe Tuner is tuner software for Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE that is optimized for the Great Highland Bagpipe. A typical hand-held tuner like those used to tune a guitar or orchestral instruments are not suitable to tune the chanter of the pipes. They are configured for equally tempered scaled instruments, and often utilize limited pitch detection technology that is not sophisticated enough to 'read' the complex harmonics of our high hand.
Q I downloaded and installed the software. It is asking for a registration code. Do I need a code to try the software?
  • TO RUN AS A DEMO: When you are prompted to enter your registration code, select 'Cancel.' The software will allow you to cancel out of entering the activation code for 15 days. After 15 days, the system will not function without the activation code.
Q What temperament should I be using?
  • Our analysis of top solo players and top Grade 1 pipe bands has shown that solo chanters are tuned very close to the 'harmonic temperament' while bands tune very close to 'just temperament.' Pitch Pipe Products has included two presents that were developed by doing pitch detection on a top solo player and a recent World Champion Pipeband for your reference. These are called 'Gold Medalist' and 'World Champion Pipeband'. It it important to note that while they deviate slightly from each other, both are very musical! Older recordings of our top players (30/40 years ago)demonstrate the sharper D that the MacNeil temperament specifies, but tastes seem to have drifted towards the 4:3 D.
Q Will the Pitch Pipe Tuner work under Windows NT or Windows 95?
  • No, the tuner software makes use of the Microsoft DirectX 8 media library. Although it is possible to install MSDX 8 under these operating systems, Microsoft does not support this and thus we do not claim the tuner will work under Windows NT or Windows 95.
Q Will the Pitch Pipe Tuner work for Mac OSX or Linux?
  • No, the tuner software makes use of the Microsoft DirectX 8 media library. We are investigating the possibility of changing the tuner code to target the .NET frame work, which in theory would allow the tuner to run under Linux and someday Mac OSX.
Q Do I need a really expensive microphone?
  • No, we have tested cheapo mics along side very nice studio microphones and the pitch detection is about the same. Note: A good microphone is always a good thing for a musician to have, but this software doesn't require it.
Q Will the software run on a laptop?
  • Yes. Many of our beta testers have used a laptop with the software for tuning band chanters at rehearsals.
Q Can I tune other types of instruments with the software?
  • Probably not. The tuner is configured for the nuances of the pipes. We are working on a smallpipe and Irish pipe plugin for the tuner that we will release sometime next year.
Q Will I need a microphone stand?
  • We recommend that you use a mic stand if you can. It seems to be much easier than proping a mic up on a table of making a drummer hold it.
Q Will this software run on a PDA (Palm or PocketPC)? Do you offer a version of Mobile 5 or PalmOS?
  • We currently have a version that works with the PocketPC 2002 and 2003 operating systems. Currently, we are not offering a version for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, NokiaOS, or Palm OS. We have a beta release for WM5, so please contact us if you are interested!
Q Can I use the tuner for a band? Do I need to buy a copy for everyone in the band?
A You can ofcourse use the software to tune up a band very quickly. If all the members of your group have a copy of the tuning software, you can email them the settings, or even a temperment file and instruct them to tune up prior to the group getting together. Please note: each person who installs the software is required to have a registration code if the software is to be used after the 15 day free trial.

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