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Attention Pipe Bands

The Pitch Pipe Bagpipe Tuner is real-time pitch detection tuning software for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Getting musical sound input from a conventional microphone, the Pitch Pipe tuner shows the tuning status of the instrument and displays the performed note on a stave and a graphic of a chanter at the same time.

The scale of the modern Great Highland Bagpipe differs from the scales used by most Western instruments. The Pitch Pipe Tunerís simple interface allows anyone to easily and exactly tune the bagpipes to any desired temperament without guesswork.

Pipe Bands and other ensemble groups will find that using the Pitch Pipe tuner will GREATLY increase the precision of their tuning, as the software acts as an unwavering and absolute reference that members can tune to before and during rehearsals.

Pitch Pipe Tuner
Even experienced, professional soloistís ears can become accustomed to hearing and playing notes whose frequencies are slightly off from the desired temperament. Using the Pitch Pipe tuner program can help beginners and professionals easily and consistently tune their pipes to the desired temperament every time and train their ear to hear the unique harmonic ratios of the bagpipe.

PocketPC Pitch Pipe Tuner for PocketPC PDA version The PocketPC version has recently been upgraded to allow decimalized pitch detection and quicker display updates. If you have version 1.1 installed, please download the 1.2 installation and launch it on your PC. If prompted, allow any files to be overwritten. If you are interested if your PDA will run this software, please contact us with your make and model number.

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